The FOG Club   in Portskewett Church Hall.

This group no longer meets, however if you are interested in becoming involved please email us at

During Term Time, The Fog club welcomes children between the ages of 5 and 10 from anywhere in the Benefice areas of Rogiet, Portskewett and Caldicot.

The FOG Club is bible-based with bible stories followed up with work sheets, craft sessions, plays, songs, as well as lots of fun and games and the occasional party.

FOG stands for Friends of God and is a club where infant and junior school children can come and meet and have fun, friendship and at the same time learn about Jesus. I have been living in Portskewett for over three and a half years and after a conversation with Cynthia found myself becoming involved in helping her at FOG, together with Moira, Katy and occasionally a few of the mums along the way. Cynthia would say that it is God that has brought me to FOG and who can argue with that!

For anyone familiar with Portskewett Church hall, at times it can be freezing in the winter. However when the children arrive at 5.45, they seem oblivious to the cold as their coats are flung off and the fun begins!

Each child takes part in several activities, stories, songs and games and of course juice and a biscuit!  The current age range is between 4 and 8, and approximately 8-14 children attend regularly.

The children play team games and win points for their team, (they also lose points if they don’t behave) but that doesn’t happen often!!

A leader will then tell a story from the Bible which is relevant to the church’s calendar and then there are questions.  The answers the children some times give are amazing, can be moving and are usually thought provoking. The children do a craft or activity relevant to the Bible story which they are able to take home.

We close with a prayer and time with God, and the children are able to say their own prayers before going home at 7.00.

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