IMG_0982V.I.P. Club (Very Important People) was started in December 2013 by Mandy East one of our Lay Eucharistic Ministers for children to take part in a time of fun.  It was initially designed for parents to have a little bit of respite and ‘downtime’   in the run up to Christmas.

V.I.P. now takes place 4 times a year, Christmas, Easter, Summer & Autumn. We take part in crafts, play games, run around and have ‘sillyness’, take part in IMG_0949a treasure hunt, have juice & biscuits & of course there is a story!  The story is based of the stories of Jesus and children have really enjoyed themselves!

Our ‘chant’ is ” Who are we”?????  Answer – ” V.I.P”!!

Busy Crafting!!

We are so looking forward to seeing more of you at V.I.P – look out for details of our next session on facebook- CPR Buzz or look up the V.I.P. page on facebook!


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