Easter Message

Painting by Leo Boucher.

We’re in the Easter season – Eastertide, as it’s known in Anglican circles, when for 50 days after Easter Sunday we continue to celebrate the risen Jesus. We should be sipping bubbly and embracing our loved ones.

But with the pandemic sinking into us more deeply as the days go by, it doesn’t feel very celebratory, does it. Makes me think of the wonderful Rob Lacey, who wanted to call the story of his healing from cancer, “Halle-blinkin’-luia.” (He was healed, but he later died.) We might have to celebrate through gritted teeth and the strength of our wills.

Perhaps this year celebrating just means breathing out our laments and praying with the Psalms as we hold on to our faith.
Wherever you are in the spectrum of celebrating, or feeling ever so weary from it all, I pray that you will have some moments of peace, joy, and love this day. Amy Boucher Pye. (Christian Writer)