Messages from around the Benefice

Lily May & Evan Thank you

Thought for the week:

On Wednesday next, June 24th. representatives of our Benefice have been asked by Bishop Cherry to interview someone she believes to be a suitable person to become our Rector. We have all been praying that someone will feel called to serve God in our Benefice and many of us have been regularly using this prayer:

Shepherd of souls, give to us for leadership of your church in this our benefice someone after your own heart:

  • A person of faith and prayer, filled with the Spirit;
  • A person of vision, wisdom and sound judgment;
  • A person with a pastoral heart and a true love of people.

Prepare the person of your choice for ministry among us, and prepare us for their coming; and overrule in everything for the doing of your will and the furtherance of your glory; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

The prayer, of course is two-edged, for while we are hoping for a particular sort of person/priest, what kind  of expectation will he/she have concerning us? On arrival, will our new priest be hoping to find a people of faith and prayer filled with the Spirit; people of vision tempered with wisdom and sound judgement; people with a pastoral heart and a true love of their neighbour, their brothers and sister in Christ? I trust they will find  it so.

I am sure that, like me, you will be praying hard that there will be a favourable outcome to the meeting on Wednesday. We pray for the members of the interview panel: Paul Glover, Gethin James, Fay Baxter and Steve Drowley who will be joined by Canon Jeremy Harris and Archdeacon Ambrose Mason.