Messages from around the Benefice

Congratulations Beryl on the safe arrival of your great grandson.
Michael James Powell arrived one month early weighing in at 6lb 3 both mother and baby doing well
Wonderful news, every blessing to you all.
Ann Reynolds

Hello Everyone,

As part of my daily exercise today (Friday 24th April 2020) I decided to walk through the castle to St. Mary’s Church Caldicot and I have to say I was impressed at how neat the grounds were looking, clearly our wonderful volunteers are back and their hard work and dedicated service to our community is greatly appreciated by all who pass through and by all the relatives who have loved ones resting here. Thank you!

As I meandered up the path from the Lych gate I noticed that the iron seats were back in place newly refurbished by Caldicot Women’s Institute, painted black and gleaming  in the sunshine.

undefinedThis wonderful sight brought to mind the little I know about these historical seats and what I do know comes mainly from chats with Wyndham Conniff a well respected member of our Congregation.  It seems-that the people of Caldicot wanted to demonstrate the gratitude they had for the fallen of the Second World War and at a time when money was extremely tight . Caldicot Women’s Institute raised the funds to provide these commemorative seats. undefined

War brings devastating life changes and as I walked I felt a poignant portrayal of how war touches every aspect of society and how this virus is affecting our lives today, as we battle with a different kind of war.   And so my exercise today turned into a walk of prayerful reflection and thanksgiving. I have added some photographs I hope you enjoy them and if you have any memories regarding the seats or anything else please share them with us we would love to hear from you. Our Pastoral Team continues to pray for you all. Keep safe everyone.

undefined Blessings  Ann Reynolds