Messages from around the Benefice

While we wait for words of wisdom to come to Lyndon, please reflect on this prayer from Bishop Cherry and the beautiful poem from one of Rev Sally’s parishioners that sums up how many of us are feeling.

An #EarthDay prayer from Bishop Cherry

Heavenly Father, you have taught us that all creation is your handiwork;
Grant us you grace that we may exercise wise stewardship of this earth,
tread lightly upon it and cherish its resources that our children may enjoy its riches, throughout all generations and your name be glorified through all that you have made. Amen


In the midst of all that is difficult and strange, I continue to discover things that bring joy – yesterday I received this poem from Bridget, in Caerwent, and thought you might like it too! Thank you Bridget, with love from Sally xx (David Evans)

What day is it? I do not know
It does not really matter though
Is it Monday when I wash?
And clothes do churn and spin and toss
Or Tuesday when we sometimes wander
Up hills and valleys and even yonder
Perhaps on Wednesday I should dust
But only if I really must
Each Thursday workers thanks we give
For care and love to help us live.
Is it Friday? I will cook
No! I’ll sit and read my book
Saturday it might just be
When friends we always try to see
It could be Sunday, I don’t know
But to the church I cannot go
So here at home we’ll smile and stay
And be thankful for another day.
by Bridget Evans.