Messages from around the Benefice

Monday in Holy Week message from Lyndon

“Stupid is as stupid does” Fforest Gump 1994
During this period of pandemic we have all been given sound advice “Stay in Doors” and Keep Two Meters Apart”, “Help the NHS, Save Lives” and so it is galling to find some people deliberately ignoring this advice. Their actions are seen as being stupid and a threat to ourselves and others. I completely condemn their actions, but cannot condemn their stupidity, because stupidity like any virus can affect us all. I’ve lost count of the time that I have done something daft.
At times like these we are told that the best can come out of people and also the worst. I applaud the kindness of my neighbours but condemn the actions of those who seek to cause mischief.

Yesterday, the Queen spoke to and for the nation. She showed great wisdom, and great leadership, asking us to listen to advice and to find time for prayer and reflection. She is a remarkable Christian lady. Please keep on praying and remember the Prime Minister in your prayers.
Yesterday, Christians across the world celebrated, Palm Sunday, Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Today, we remember His entry into His Temple. It was the Jewish Feast of the Passover, when hundreds of thousands of pilgrims came to the Temple for worship. Instead of finding a place of holiness, a place of prayer, they found that it was a place of trade, merchants with livestock. Money changers, who legally were changing Roman coins which bore the image of Caesar, for Jewish shekels, were ripping off God’s people,. The commandment “Thou should not steal” was truly forgotten, the best of people came to worship and were confronted by the worst of people. God’s house had been turned into a den of thieves. Jesus overthrew the tables and cast the wicked out, keeping the righteous in.
Today, God’s church buildings are closed, but the church is still active, still doing the Lord’s bidding. Your place of prayer and reflection can be your bedroom or your garden. Please take the Queen’s advice. Keep safe, Keep praying (don’t forget Boris) and God Bless.
“Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?” 1 Corinthians 6:19.

If you believe, you know!
If you’re unsure, you may!
I pray for you all to come together and live in peace and harmony during this time of isolation and Holy Week 🙏🌈💗 Charlotte Skinner