Messages from around the Benefice

Palm Sunday Message from Lyndon

Palm Sunday, the story of three donkeys. I first met and fell in love with Diggy, shortly after moving to the beautiful village of Portskewett. I had for many years led Palm Sunday services with my friends in Ebbw Vale, later with my friends in Rogiet, and last year with my new friends in St. Stephen’s Church, the Pill Newport, which were very special to me.

However, in 2002 in Portskewett, my new pal Diggy brought a new dimension to the worship. We would have a procession, wave branches and follow Diggy the Donkey, from the vicarage to church.
Later, when I became rector, Diggy found himself, not only continuing his present duties, but also taking on new responsibilities in Caldiicot. (See video Caldicot procession 2009)

After many years of service, Diggy retired, and we found ourselves with a new star attraction. Breeze was a donkey who lived in the Wye Valley, he was part of the Murphy family, owned by my friends Graham and Lynne. If it wasn’t for the Coronavirus, Breeze would be in action today. Like Diggy we all love Breeze.

The third donkey, lived two thousand years ago, its a donkey without a name, a donkey who was especially selected by God. Jesus was entering Jerusalem, not on a war horse, but on an animal with a cross on its back, a donkey, The crowds were out waving palm branches and laying their clothes on the ground.This was to fulfil Old Testament prophecies. Jesus was indicating that He was the Messiah, whose coming Scriptures had foretold.
In all the excitement and joy, only he riding the donkey, knew that dark clouds were on the horizon, and that He would be crowned, raised on high, and proclaimed King of the Jews. Today, begins Holy Week, when we remember the most important week in human history. When we discover the destiny that God has for His people. We are shown the sacrifice God was prepared to make for us, and He will show us that even death could be defeated, by his love.

In the darkness that enfolds us let us remember, who was on the donkey, and who is on the road with us. God Bless, keep praying, keep trusting and keep save.

“Rejoice greatly, daughter of Zion! Shout, d
aughter of Jerusalem! See, your king comes to you, righteous and victorious, lowly and riding on a donkey, on a colt, the foal of a donkey”. Zechariah 9:9