Messages from around the Benefice

Today’s thought and prayer for those who are seeking support during this awful time. Father Lyndon you are inspirational and help bring us closer to God. 🙏 Charlotte Skinner

Lyndon’s message 2-04-2020 I, along with Cynth, used to be professional photographers. I love a photograph well taken. I believe that a single photo can represent an event, even an era. For me, the greatest photo ever was taken by a photographer named Nick UT. It was taken in April 1963, during the Vietnam war. The photo shows a group of Vietnamese children running to the camera, and in the centre of the photo is a young naked girl, running terrified from a Napalm attack. The naked child was Phan Thi kim, Phuc. The horror on the face of that child shocked the world and helped end the Vietnam War. Nick UT won a Nobel Peace Prize for the photo.
Yesterday, I saw on the web, another photo which brought home the crises we are going through. It’s a photo of the funeral of an elderly lady. It seems her desire was to have her service in church, but today, that cannot be. At the centre of the photo is a priest standing at the head of the grave, on either side there are two figures some distance apart, the undertaker and the grieving husband. Apparently, off camera there are a few mourners all keeping their distance. I saw in this scene such sadness, in all three figures, the priest I suspect, was sad because he would have wanted to be in church giving comfort to the mourners who would be singing the lady’s favourite hymns, the undertaking knowing that the lady’s last wishes were not being met, and the husband standing all alone in his grief.
Such sadness and grief is touching the lives of so many throughout the world. That photo brings home the horror of this virus, this plague, being fought so bravely by the carers and medical staff, and by all our “key workers” I salute their bravery.
I cannot be of any assistance, but I can pray, and I urge everyone who can to join in.

The little girl in the picture did respond to prayer. Thi Kim Phuc later in life converted to Christianity, and publicly states that her mental and physical healing, and her forgiveness for those who hurt her, came from Jesus.

‘Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.” Matthew 7:7

Check out image of Girl in the picture Phan Thi Kim, on Google