Messages from around the Benefice

Lyndon’s message 1st April 2020 “We are still, here” Yesterday, I think it was yesterday, the Church in Wales celebrated the hundredth anniversary of its disestablishment from the Church of England. In other words though we have been here for centuries the Church in Wales is now officially one hundred years old. Yesterday, I visited the Church in Wales website to see what the church had planned for its big year, On the home page there is a short video, well made and well presented by a priest. Its well worth seeing. We are given a brief history of our church and its ups and downs, we are told of the chapels and the revivals of the past, which came from these chapels, we are told of the pastoral care of the church through the years, its decline in membership, how the church is responding to the changes in modern society, and finally we are given the message that we the church, “are still here”.

Everything that I saw in the video is all true, I couldn’t argue with any of it. However, it left me feeling somewhat frustrated. I was left wanting to ask questions.

I don’t want the church to say “We are still here” I want more. If I was a wealthy man, which I am not, and decided to buy a race horse, which I would not, I would purchase the horse, expecting the horse to win races. I wouldn’t want people to say the horse is still running, I would want them to congratulate me on my victories. I mentioned the chapel revivals in past, the last one was in 1904, my daughter was awarded a doctorate for studying it, these revivals were brought about by ordinary people praying for God to use His immense power to change lives and society for the better, So why can’t we do that today? I believe the church should be the leader in change, a dynamic force in influencing government, to bring about a fairer and kinder society, like we are experiencing during this present crises.
I believe the people should not just say that “We are still here” but say “the church is still leading”.

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go” Joshua 1:9