Messages from around the Benefice

Just Pray and Trust in Him

Lyndon’s post 31-3-2020. Welcome to the Land of Topsy Turvy, the land where everything is turned on its head. We are living in a dangerous time a deadly virus is challenging our way of life. Society is being changed before our eyes and who knows, it may never be quite the same again. Our hopes and dreams are being challenged, For many, that dream holiday abroad has turned into a nightmare, when thousands of people are finding it difficult to return home. We are beginning to find out who and what are really important to us. We had become a society obsessed by celebrity worship, whether these celebrities are “A” list film stars or just people who have found short term fame on some reality TV show. We made idols of sports stars and rock stars. Society has been, for far to long, influenced by extremely wealthy and powerful people who may or not even live in our country.
In Topsy Turvy Land we have discovered a new type of hero, a hero who has always been in our lives. They work in our supermarkets or drive our buses, some are called carers others nurses, they collect our refuge, and they have been given a new name “Key Workers”. None are rich, many work on a minimum wage.
With these I also mention those friends of mine in our churches, volunteers who do so much charitable work, and my fellow clergy who are finding new and exciting ways of getting God’s message out to His people. Also those who have found a new role, helping those, like me, who are told to stay at home. Perhaps, at the end of this we may become a more loving and caring society. I hear more people talking about the importance of prayer. As I write this I think of the words that the pregnant Virgin Mary said to her relative Elizabeth who herself was pregnant with the child who would be John the Baptist. “He has put down the mighty from their seat and has exalted the humble and meek” These are the words of what the church calls the Magnificat. Luke 1v46f.

In my prayers today, I’m asking God to bring our country back to Him. To have an awakening in the hearts of His people, for us the created to become closer to the Creator.. To help us see what is really important in our lives. Please join me and keep safe.