Messages from around the Benefice

From Lyndon’s facebook post 30-3-20 I looked through my window this morning and it reminded me of one of the ghost towns in the Old West. Streets deserted, no sign of life. Then I looked at my garden which has now become a place of confinement, a place of solitude, where no visitors are allowed. Very strange. I wondered if God is trying to say something to us. Then it occurred to me that many of our famous Bible characters had been removed from normal life and where put in solitude. St. Paul had written three of his famous letters from within prison. Moses found God in the loneliness of Mount Sinai, Elijah in his cave, John the Baptist in the wilderness, and of course Jesus faced the temptations in the desert. Perhaps, in this forced shut down of our lives, we may have more time to be with God. Though this may be difficult if you are trying to keep children who are running amok whilst suffering from boredom.
Could it be, that through this pandemic, the Bible would call it a plague, we can all become closer to God? As we pray for all those who are helping us through this crises, pray for ourselves and ask God what He wants from us.
“Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10

My thoughts 28-03-20 – Beryl What have you given up for Lent ?. That is the question many of us would have been asking each other. This year we have all been forced to given up things we would never have considered , physical contact with friends and family , going to church .These are things which are important to us all ,but we have always taken for granted. When Lent is over we may still not be allowed access to these . Lent will never be the same for me again , I now have experienced what it is really like to go without something and pray to the Lord that at the end of this , my friends and family will all still be there and I can attend Church with a joyful heart praising him for bringing us through this trying time.