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Diocese of MonmouthEsgobaeth Mynwy

 Retirement of Dean Lister
On Sunday 30th August, The Very Revd Lister Tonge retired as Dean of Newport after over 8 years of service. One of his many achievements as Dean included overseeing a huge transformation in the physical appearance of the Cathedral. In addition, Dean Lister brought an openness and a depth of spirituality that has enabled God to speak to the hearts of many people. We are thankful for all his hard work and dedication; and wish him a long and blessed retirement!  

You can watch his final service at the Cathedral here.Live-streamed Services & Reflections: Bishop Cherry’s Tuesday reflection will return on Tuesday the 8th of September, catch up on previous weeks here.

Join a Sunday Eucharist with Archdeacon Jonathan here.
 Please keep all of our schools in your prayers as they continue to welcome children back.Annual Returns
Annual Returns are due on the 30th of September. This includes,
Membership Return
Finance Return
Churchwardens Fabric Report
A copy of your independently examined/audited 2019 Accounts
Diocesan Database Return

If you requested paper forms you should have received these and online submissions can be completed here, http://mf.systemserve.ltd.uk

If you need any help to complete the returns, more forms or have any other questions please contact Libby
by email, libbymorgan-owen@churchinwales.org.uk
or phone, 07508 801511.Email archdeacon.gwentvalleys@cinw.org.uk for further information.Appointment: Dean of Newport

Following the retirement of the Very Revd Lister Tonge, the Bishop of Monmouth wishes to appoint a new Dean of Newport.
The new Dean will be expected to lead the life and work of St Woolos Cathedral in Newport, developing the Cathedral’s ministry and sharing the oversight of the Church’s mission in the varied contexts of our diocese.
We are looking for an experienced priest who is resourceful, creative and a team player as well as team leader is able to relate the good news in an engaging way in a variety of social contexts as well as the public square has proven ability to build effective relationships both inside and outside the Church and develop partnership-working to further its mission has emotional intelligence and wisdom For further details, please visit our website: https://monmouth.churchinwales.org.uk/en/about-us/jobs/dean-newport/

Taking a closer look at things with views from across the diocese.
This week Rev Becca Stevens introduces #HereIAmLord.God calls all of us to serve. We are all called to worship God, to grow the Church, and to love the world. We are all called to be the light of hope, to be an example of faith, and to be a source of love. We are all called to be fully human and fully alive. We are all called to live Christ-like lives in God’s service.

God also calls all of us to serve the Church. How might God be calling you to service through the ministries of the Church in Wales?

There are a number of different ways in which you can serve the Church through the commissioned and licensed ministries of the Church in Wales. We are going to explore them over the coming months by sharing some testimonies and explanations of the different types of ministry. They will be placed on social media and on the diocesan website under the #HereIAmLord.

Commissioned Team Ministries provide an opportunity to serve alongside others within the Ministry Area. There are six different types of Commissioned Team Ministries, ranging across different areas of the Church’s life, mission and witness: worship, teaching, pastoral, children and youth, evangelism and pioneering.

Licensed Ministries provide an opportunity to share in the leadership of an area of the Church’s life, mission and witness. The Church’s historic orders of Ordained Ministry – Deacon, Priest and Bishop – constitute three Licensed Ministries. Other Licensed Ministries include the ministry of Reader, Licensed Pastoral Minister, Evangelist, Pioneer and Family Minister.

As you read them or listen to them, reflect upon it, and ask God, in your heart, ‘Is there something here for me?’

If you want to explore your vocation please talk to your parish priest, Ministry Area Leader, or contact the Diocesan Director of Vocations. Please pray that many will hear God’s call across the diocese over coming months and years, to aid us all to follow Christ more closely and to share his good news.

Visit the Vocations page on our website to find out more and get in touch with Rev Becca.
Digital Ministry Webinar: Where do we go from here?
Thursday 10th September, 11am
With Liz Morgan, Digital Champion for the Church of England.
Reflecting on what’s happened over the last few months, and providing some expert advice on how we might best equip ourselves going forward. Where will the balance lie between the traditional model of gathered church, and the online/digital presence which many churches have established?
The webinar is free to attend and will be made up of approximately 45 minutes of presentation, followed by approximately 30 minutes of question and answer.
You can register for your place as well as view any previous webinars at: https://www.stpadarns.ac.uk/en/ministry/ministerial-support-hub/digital-ministry-webinars/.Opening the Dialogue: Exploring Digital Church
28th September

Continuing from our discussions from August, we’d like to invite those who are curious about online worship or interested in trying it out to attend a zoom dialogue.
We’d like to know what kind of support we can offer parishes as we explore this new and exciting frontier of ministry together. We’d also like to hear your ideas for how technology could be used for a range of church activities. If your parish or ministry area has been trying something new, please come and tell us about it!
This is an open event for anyone to attend! We encourage you to invite any members of the congregation, churchwardens, secretaries, treasurers, or clergy who may have an interest. We look forward to hearing from you!
It’s also not too late to complete our survey on Social Media and Online Ministry: https://forms.gle/YhZSJUBGVZ4aisDT8Open the Book Air and Share
Are you already involved with Open the Book in primary schools?
Do you have an Open the Book team?

We want to know how to support our current teams especially with little or no access to schools, because of Covid 19.
We are hosting a Zoom “Air and Share” on Tuesday 29 September at 2pm to hear from you. Please contact Zoe Ward, zoeward@churchinwales.org.uk to book a place
or Rachel Nelmes, rachelnelmes@churchinwales.org.uk for more information.Wild Worship

Please click on the image to enlarge.Email libbymorgan-owen@churchinwales.org.uk to book.Sight Loss Friendly Church Taster SessionsTorch Trust is helping churches to become accessible for people with sight loss by providing free 30 minute taster sessions on Zoom for churches to find out more about SLFC.
They currently have sessions planned for 29 & 30 September and 27 & 28 October.
Visit sightlossfriendlychurch.org.uk to find out more.
To book a place email SLFC@torchtrust.org.uk‘Reimagining music in church post Covid-19 Part 1 – Congregational Focus’ – Tuesday 8 September, 18:30-19:30
Join here.
‘Living God’s Future Now’ –  HeartEdge monthly dialogue – Stanley Hauerwas – Thursday 10 September, 18:00
Join here.
Shut In, Shut Out, Shut Up 1: Disability, church and the coronavirus – Friday 11 September, 16:30-18:00
Join here.
‘Reimagining music in church post Covid-19 Part 2 – Composer Focus’ – Tuesday 15 September, 18:30-19:30
Join here.
Telling Encounters – Windows on the world: An art workshop – Thursday 17 September, 14:00-15:30 (BST).
Join here.
Shut In, Shut Out, Shut Up 2: Exploring neurodiversity, faith and church – Friday 18 September, 16:30-18:00
Join here.
‘Reimagining music in church post Covid-19 Part 3 – Voluntary Choir focus’ – Tuesday 22 September, 18:30-19:30
Join here.
‘Reimagining music in church post Covid-19 Part 4 – Educational Choir focus’ – Tuesday 29 September, 18:30-19:30
Join here.#Goodnewsworthsharing

Art Angels

Mari Hutchings tells us all about her lockdown project.
Please click on the pictures to expand. I started the Llandogo Art angels at the beginning of Lockdown with my friend Karen. It was such a bleak time and we wanted to send a message of hope to the village. The children were really keen and came up with the message based on the Queens speech ‘we will meet again’ .  It was a great success  We then got the children to draw chalk letter at home and photograph them, you can see the beautiful ‘Love ,Hope ,Faith’ they made which was put together in photoshop.  We met each week with parents and children on Zoom to plan projects and to see what everyone had done.

Art materials were delivered to the door each week . Some projects were group activities like the flowers each child made for’ I am with you always’ and some were individual projects. We covered a great deal during lockdown . The children made and delivered gifts of wooden flower pots  and paper flowers to friends, neighbours and family. I made them a wooden outdoor gallery outside Browns shop where they displayed spring pictures. As lockdown lifted we had DRIVE BY marbling and DRIVE BY tie dye. Part way through lockdown other children in the neighbouring village became interested and with help of artist Claudia Peak the  Redbook Art Angels began.

Both groups are involved in the exhibition at Redbook church and their work is incredible. It captures an a  historical moment in time. Over 35 children have been members of Art  Angels in the two villages and the project started By myself and Karen Rea and joined by Claudia Peak is still growing . We have been adopted by the local church who have given us a home to work from.

For myself it has been an incredible and  inspirational time working with the children and watching their skills develop.  The children’s work has been shared with our Zoom church and has been a wonderful gift to all of us. I believe God want each child to fulfil their full potential and as a Christian  this  was one way of serving our community in a time of need.
The exhibition is remaining in place until the river festival and can be viewed by appointment.
Art Angels hope to carry on meeting and holding events and celebrating life through colour and creativity.

Add your story to #goodnewsworthsharing
Please send anything you’ve been doing to debragoddard@churchinwales.org.uk or share on social media with #goodnewsworthsharing
 Churches Together Bookshop Closing Down Sale
 Online – www.ctbooks.org.uk
Or in store 10am-3pm on Mondays & Thursdays
Until the 28th of September

After this Church in Wales lectionary will only be available to purchase from  www.ylolfa.com Children, Families & Young Peoples Resources
 Cyncoed Ministry Area have Sunday School activities available here.St Teilos High School are providing weekly services for young people, you can catch up with previous services and watch this week’s here.Charles Williams Church in Wales Primary School have lots of child friendly services available here.Care for the Family
Care for the Family’s Kitchen Table Project is supporting churches and their work with families, watch their video here.
And find more of their resources here.Scripture Union
Scripture Union have a variety of resources available for children and young people, including daily craft and prayer activities and mental health resources. Check them out here.There are lots more amazing resources for children and families available on our website here.For a downloadable and printable version of this email please click here.

You can find the one-stop-shop for all you need to know and this week’s updates here.