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Friday Round Up from the Diocese of Monmouth 8th May

Friday Update from Bishop Cherry

An invitation.
All of us have been wondering to ourselves and to one another what life and church is going to look like when eventually we are able to meet face to face and resume our services in church. Will people want live-streamed services to continue? To what extent have we been reaching and engaging those who didn’t normally come to church and how do we build on any relationships that have been fostered? Will our services in church just be a case of going back to what we were familiar with or will be more ready to embrace and new and different way of being church?
There are also questions about how we care for one another and attend to our wellbeing and the wellbeing of others. Some people have really struggled in the lockdown, spiritually as well as in other ways. Not being able to meet with other Christians, or go to a much-loved church building, or receive the sacrament have all led to experiences of loss and bereavement. Such experiences can generate all manner of complex emotions including depression, anger and a sense of loneliness. Those emotions within ourselves and others will need care and attention, even as we get back to whatever the new normal looks like.
In the light of all this, I was particularly heartened to learn that the a group of researchers, including the Bishop of Manchester, has designed a survey of how churchgoers, including clerics, are feeling during lockdown. Its aim is to go beyond anecdote and to give Christian people an opportunity to say how the Coronavirus has impacted their faith, their prayer and worship and their witness. The evidence it collects will provide insight and support to strengthen the work and witness of Christians for contemporary society.
I warmly commend the survey to you and encourage you to take part as indicated below. It is anonymous and provides all of us with an opportunity not only to share our own feelings and experiences but also to help shape the church for the society in which we live.
Further information, along with the survey, can be found here.
Live-streamed Services & Reflections:  11am 10th May Easter 5 Eucharist from Bishopstow

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#BeTheLightChallenge – this week’s highlights

This month we’re challenging you to ‘Be the Light’, sharing God’s grace and love through acts of kindness. This week’s theme was ‘Loving Thy Neighbour’ and we have seen some fantastic posts. Here are just a few:

Newport North Ministry Area is partnering with Save the Children to deliver parcels to families in need.
Wentwood Misnitry Area partnered with Clive Williams, Head Chef at the Parkway Hotel and Spa, to deliver hot meals and some delicious desserts to 35 people in Penhow.
Next week’s them is: ‘Giving Cheerfully’
Whether we’re offering our time, donations, creativity, or prayers – let’s give with a cheerful heart. We can’t wait to see how you interpret this week’s challenge! #BeTheLightChallenge  #goodnewsworthsharing VE Day 75th Anniversary Celebrations
Although plans have had to change there’s still going to be lots of celebrations online.
Christian Aid Week

This has also had to move online, lots of churches are taking part, including Cyncoed Ministry Area. They’ll be holding a virtual Big Sing on Sunday 10th at 6pm, a quiz on Saturday 16th at 7pm and much more, follow them on Facebook here for more details. Caerleon Ministry Area Vikki Jones from St Cadoc’s Caerleon has being making and sharing lovely hearts to lift the spirits of our community to remind them they are loved and cherished. 
Some Splendid School Stories

All of our schools are working tremendously hard during these difficult circumstances to ensure our children continue to grow into the beautiful people God calls them to be. Here are some highlights from this past week.
Llantilio Pertholey CiW Primary School – Wellbeing in Lockdown
Everyone is missing school and many of the children had explained to their teachers that they were missing each other.  So teachers put together a ‘We’re missing you message’. And then took part in ‘Dancing at the Lockdown Disco’ for a bit of fun which you can watch here.
Magor CiW Primary School- Cycling Stars
Ellie and Abi from Magor School decided to cycle 26 miles in a week to raise £30 for the NHS, to date they’ve managed to go over 50 miles and raised over £1300! Well done girls, amazing work!
You can donate to their efforts here.
Add your story to #goodnewsworthsharing
Please send anything you’ve been doing to debragoddard@churchinwales.org.uk or share on social media with #goodnewsworthsharing Children, Families & Young Peoples Resources
Cyncoed Ministry Area – Online Sunday School
The Good Stranger
St Teilos High School are providing weekly services for young people, you can catch up with previous services and watch this week’s here. Mainly Music
For this weeks session you’ll need a box or bag of blocks for two new songs. 
https://vimeo.com/413428394/0ca7d1c117 https://youtu.be/6XtWfe5FvbE There are lots more amazing resources for children and families available on our website here. For a downloadable and printable version of this email please click here.

You can find the one-stop-shop for all you need to know and this week’s updates here.