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Diocese of MonmouthEsgobaeth Mynwy

 This email has been sent to all Clergy, PTOs, Churchwardens, Secretaries, and Treasurers.
In this mailing you will find our Ministry Area Toolkits. They are a series of documents that lay out how Ministry Areas will operate in the Diocese of Monmouth.If you haven’t already, watch Bishop’s Cherry’s Introduction to Ministry Areas. It is the first in a series of videos which share some of the principles that have shaped our work on Ministry Areas.Online meetings will be held in each new Ministry Area so that representatives from every church can ask questions and comment. These meetings have been arranged for Feb, March and April and are being arranged through Ministry Area Leaders and local clergy.Bishop Cherry’s introduction to Ministry Areas – transcriptMinistry Teams

Understanding Ministry TeamsGovernance

Governance Toolkit – Diocese of Monmouth

Governance on one pageFinance

Finance Toolkit – Diocese of Monmouth

Finance on one pageProcess

Process Chart for the formation of Ministry AreasMinistry Areas by Archdeaconry

Ministry Areas in Gwent Valleys Archdeaconry

Ministry Areas in Monmouth Archdeaconry

Ministry Areas in Newport ArchdeaconryFAQs

FAQs – Diocese of MonmouthRead the FAQs on the website here.Watch this space…Over the next few weeks and months, we will be sending out more information including -A series of videos from Bishop Cherry and others to guide you through the process.Online meetings with each new Ministry Areas so that representatives from each church can ask questions and give comment. These meetings have been arranged for Feb, March and April.Dates for specific meetings with Church Treasurers.Phased guidance.Prayer resources.