Weekly News from the Diocese


While this has been a troubling week for many, with the closure of our churches and a general sense of uncertainty; it has also been a week of innovation, unity, and courage. On Sunday, we celebrated the National Day of Prayer and Action. Churches Together in England called on Christians throughout the United Kingdom to light a candle in their windows at 7pm as a visible symbol of Jesus Christ – the light of life who shines in the darkness. Archbishop John took up this call and encouraged us to pray together. Click here for further details. Then on Wednesday we marked the Feast of Annunciation, otherwise known as Lady Day, with a global prayer initiated by Pope Francis. Christians across the globe were invited to join him in reciting the Lord’s Prayer at noon (11am UK time). Once again, our clergy answered this call with many sharing the invitation and posting videos on social media.

Although this may seem like a time of darkness, it has proved that God is not contained within the walls of a building. He is shining in each of us, spurring new and creative ways of being His church.