Weekly News from the Diocese

Daily Update from Bishop Cherry7th April 2020
Up until now, communications have rightly centered on worship and pastoral care across the diocese. The staff at the diocesan office are now receiving queries regarding the care of our buildings and finances. So, today, a letter is going out to all parish treasurers with information and advice about finances.
These are challenging times, not just for parishes, but for the diocese as a whole. Each of us must do all we can if we are to come out of this present situation well and in a reasonably healthy position financially.
We do not know how long this present situation is going to last but, in any event, we have a responsibility, as a diocese, to make plans for the coming months.
In order to meet this incredibly challenging situation, the Diocesan Board of Finance will need to call on its reserves. It is vital, we believe, that Parishes are prepared to use their reserves as well. Reserves are called “money for a rainy day”. This has to be the ultimate rainy day. We trust that all Parishes will join in the vital task of ensuring that they pay their share (drawing on their reserves, if necessary), because that, in turn, means that the Board of Finance can pay its bills. We are a hopeful and generous Church and, if we pull together, we can weather this storm. Information about giving and Gift Aid were sent out in an earlier mailing and can be found on the diocesan website.
The DBF is monitoring the finances closely. We have reduced expenditure and continue to look for any savings where we can. Four members of staff have agreed to be placed on furlough and two other members of staff have generously volunteered to take pay cuts in a combined effort to help in this current situation.  For this, we are extremely grateful.
Times are tough, but we have been heartened to hear how congregations still wish to support their church families by continuing their giving. Let us continue to pray for one another and support one another as best we can; financially as well as in other ways. For that is what being the Body of Christ is all about – in times of challenge as well as times of flourishing.
Blessings for this Holy Week.