Weekly News from the Diocese

Daily Update from Bishop Cherry
2nd April 2020
Holy Week and Easter
One of the extraordinary outcomes of our present lockdown is the number of people who are engaging with us on social media platforms. Although we must not forget those who don’t have this kind of access to the plethora of prayer and worship activity online, the fact that we are attracting new people is a cause for great rejoicing. This, especially so as we approach the most important week in the church’s calendar. As a parish priest I bemoaned each year the relatively few number of people who would come to the midweek services of Holy Week. Even on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, it was a minority who attended. This year, although many of the faithful may be missing out due to having no internet provision, it seems that we could be meeting with countless ‘new’ people tuning in to our worship either ‘live’ or at other times. For this, we give thanks.
I will be joining with the Cathedral team this year (as was originally planned) to provide the following:
11am Palm Sunday Eucharist from Bishopstow
5pm Monday – Holy Week reflection given by the Dean
5pm Tuesday – Holy Week reflection given by the Bishop
5pm Wednesday – Holy Week reflection given by the Precentor
5pm Maundy Thursday Eucharist from Bishopstow
12 noon Good Friday – Stations of the Cross
Holy Saturday – no broadcast, but a suggestion of renewing baptismal vows, lighting the Paschal Candle and at 9pm all who can, singing (loudly) the Exultet!
11am Easter Day Eucharist from Bishopstow
All will be available via the Monmouth Diocese and Cathedral websites
Retired Clergy
I am well aware that we are hugely indebted to our retired clergy for exercising a valued ministry across our diocese. Without them, parishes would be the poorer and many would not be able to enjoy the regular Eucharists that are available. In order to be able to keep better in touch with those who have retired, I have invited the Revd Canon Dr Stephen James to become Retired Clergy Officer for the diocese. Stephen will help me to keep in touch with retired clergy and keep me informed of issues that may arise, including ill-health. As soon, we are able to meet together, I intend to hold a service of thanksgiving in the Cathedral, followed by lunch or tea, to which all retired clergy will be invited. Stephen will help organise this and other events in the future. Please do contact him as and when you wish to pass on information. His contact details are sueandstephen1973@gmail.com and 01873 840229
I would also like to put on record my thanks to the Ven Glyndwr Hackett who has exercised a similar ministry in the past.
With my continuing prayers and good wishes as we enter the holiest of seasons